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  • The Chamber of Commerce

    Serving Kauai's diverse business community since 1913 is the Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce. With it’s mission “to promote, develop and improve commerce, quality growth and economic stability in the County of Kaua`i,” the Chamber boasts an active membership of more than 650 businesses and professional women and men representing 450 Kaua`i firms who give freely of their time and talents to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, civic and social well-being of the County of Kaua`i and the State of Hawai`i. 

    Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce members reflect the wide range of businesses and organizations that are the life-blood of Kauai’s healthy and growing economy.  Financial institutions and health care providers, wholesale distributors, small business owners as well as individual members are just a few of the many distinctive Chamber of Commerce members that contribute to a robust social and economic environment on Kaua`i.

    The Chamber’s Community Guide & Business Directory is an important reference tool used daily by members of Kauai’s business community, residents and island visitors, inclusion in this guide is one of the many benefits offered to Chamber members. Additional information about other benefits and programs available to Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce members can be found in the directory and at www.kauaichamber.org.

  • How Does the Chamber Work?

    The President and the staff operate within the framework of budgets and policies established by the Board of Directors, and are responsible for the business management of the Chamber. All policies, programs and activities are the responsibility of the Board of Directors acting on recommendations made by various committees. Present committees are: Government Affairs, Membership, Events & Activities, Public Relations and Promotions, Small Business Committee, Finance and Crime Prevention. Additional representation is always needed on these committees and all Chamber members are encouraged to participate.


    Mark Perriello

    Cheryl Manera Texeira

    Caroline Manera Texeira
    Executive Vice President/COO


    Anna Baudouin
    Membership Coordinator






    Each year the Chamber addresses a number of concerns affecting the business community. Issues that have been explored include privatization, zoning by initiative, the high cost of workers compensation and unemployment insurance, revisions to the Kaua`i sign ordinance, priorities for the improvement of our highways, harbors and parks, and the Lihu`e Airport Master Plan Improvements.

    A major activity of the Chamber is its advocacy role represented through the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) which reviews legislation and provides testimony on behalf of the membership.  Another GAC activity is the monthly meeting that rotates between the Mayor and the County Council which provides a direct link between the business community and County officials to discuss items of benefit to members.  The monthly and quarterly events provide members numerous opportunities to network and strengthen business relationships and newcomers the opportunity to learn more about the Chamber.


    Any person, company, corporation or civic organization interested in the welfare of the County of Kaua`i may become a member by making written application and by paying the appropriate annual dues.


    The Chamber has a dues schedule based on the number of employees represented by each of its member organizations.  This dues schedule makes up about 50% of the Chamber’s funding.  The other 50% is funded through an Annual Silent Auction Fund-raiser and various programs, events, and educational activities sponsored by the Chamber.


    The Chamber staff answers hundreds of letters, telephone calls and inquiries on every imaginable subject concerning Kaua`i.  The Chamber helps law enforcement through its Crime Stoppers Program that provides cash incentives for information leading to the arrest of criminals.

    The Chamber provides every Kaua`i business person with an opportunity to voice his/her opinion on matters concerning legislation, taxes, civic affairs and other important economic matters.


    The Chamber publishes a monthly newsletter outlining current projects, board actions, and other events of interest to members.  Once each quarter, a general membership meeting is held at which the President reports on the Chamber’s activities.  Quarterly meetings feature a prominent speaker on a subject of current community interest.

    Also, monthly Business After Hours sponsored by member businesses serve as 'networking opportunities'.